Supporting Suicide Prevention Day 2012

September 10, 2012

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In the ManKind Project, we support the efforts of the International Association for Suicide Prevention.

International Suicide Prevention Day is Sept 10, 2012.

In Eastern Maryland, the ManKind Project is coordinating a multi-site educational effort to prevent suicide. You can read more about the event in the Star Democrat newspaper:

Harris Marx is the MKP International representative working with several other mental health agencies in Eastern Maryland to coordinate the event. To participate, please contact David Rose, the Chair of the Mental Health Resource Team at:

The MKPI Suicide Awareness and Prevention Initiative

The Mental Health Resource Team (MHRT) invites and urges you to participate in World Suicide Prevention Day.  On and around September 10, groups, communities, and organizations all over the world will be meeting and supporting each other in learning about suicide, learning how to prevent it, and learning how to deal with its aftermath.

How can we join them in this vital initiative?  That’s the good news- much of the preparatory work has already been done for us.  The home page of World Suicide Prevention Day is World Suicide Prevention Day is  Visit this site (or use the links below) and you will find resources that will help you

Find World Suicide Prevention Day banners in over 40 languages.

Download the World Suicide Prevention Day brochure.

Download the World Suicide Prevention Day Suggested Activities sheet.

Read about World Suicide Prevention Day activities throughout the world.

Download the World Suicide Prevention Day Toolkit, a single-page PDF that contains links to World Suicide Prevention Day resources and related Web sites.

Use the WSPD Activities Online Submission Form to let us know about your World Suicide Prevention Day activities.

Let us know where to send your Certificate of Appreciation for participating in World Suicide Prevention Day.

Visit the Official World Suicide Prevention Day Facebook Event Page. Over 1,500 people from around the world have indicated they are participating in a World Suicide Prevention Day activity.



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