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In the wake of the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, men of the ManKind Project are here to support those affected by this traumatic event.

The Northeast Area of the ManKind Project has an active community close to Newtown, and men in that area, from New England and New York Metro Communities, are reaching out to their friends and neighbors.

Robert Werme, of the Sage Center for Wholeness in Woodbury, CT, writes:

“We’re still in shock down here. We’re finding ways to huddle together and shake in the trauma. There will be circles to shape and healing to facilitate … Many “one men” were wounded today. Many men and women are feeling feelings they never imagined they’d feel. MKP was built for this.”

Men are prepared to be on hand in the community in the coming days and weeks. Professional Service providers are stepping forward to offer assistance for the deep grieving work that is already happening.

The three websites below provide guidance and advice as to how to talk to children about tragedies involving other children, such as the victims in the Connecticut elementary school shootings.

From the ManKind Project USA Chairman, Mike Elser (Portsmouth, NH):

“We envision a world where this kind of senseless violence no longer occurs … where there is a culture of healthy masculinity that is nurturing, supportive, and accountable. When men and boys have emotional tools and an engaged community to process and share the inevitable pain, confusion … and feelings of powerlessness … that come with modern life, tragedies like the ones in Newtown, Virginia Tech, and Aurora won’t be such a regular part of our news.”

The ManKind Project is helping create a safer world by empowering the emotionally intelligent, compassionate, and accountable male role models that our communities need to thrive.

What you, as a man, can do to help:

Do the hard work. It’s difficult to break out of a lifetime of habits and beliefs that may keep you from fully expressing yourself, healing old hurts, and being there as the man you want to be. Seek out resources to become a healing influence in your community. This is not work that gets done alone – it’s community work – and it takes a community to do it. The ManKind Project is one such resource.

Deepen every conversation. Expand your personal inventory of tools to process difficult emotions, and help others learn to do the same. The skills of ‘holding space’ for the tough emotions, in yourself and others, are learnable.

From Mike Elser,

“It may be tempting to ask why – to engage in the ‘head work’ of reasons and justifications. Today, may we simply be present and extend our love. Let us do the ‘heart work’, together as a community. Tomorrow, we can begin to ask ourselves what, when, and how to take effective action – with our heads and hearts together – for our children’s future.

Today, I ask each of you at 7p ET / 6p CT / 5p MT/ 4p PT to stop and send your love to Connecticut, to call the names of those you know and hold the hearts of those you don’t in our community’s consciousness.”

The men of MKP are here to help. We have been building a conscious men’s community for nearly 30 years. We have the power to make a difference, to heal ourselves, and to nurture a more aware and accountable culture for all of us.

Though we are from many different beliefs and faiths, we hold a common intention for healing and peace in this difficult time.

Boysen Hodgson
Communications & Marketing Director
ManKind Project USA

Michael Elser
Chairman of the Board
ManKind Project USA

ABOUT THE MANKIND PROJECT: MKP USA is nonprofit 501(c)(3), non-partisan, and not affiliated with any religious practice. We strive to be diverse and inclusive for all kinds of men. We support and partner with several organizations for women, including Woman Within International.