From the Chair

The ManKind Project USA holds with deep humility our relationship with indigenous people across the United States and beyond. As one region among regions, we recognize that the contributions of indigenous cultures enrich the sacredness of our work. In the spirit of connection, and looking to the future, we believe these connections to be essential to our evolution.

Building on the ManKind Project USA relationship with the Indigenous Men and Women’s Oyate on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, the Board of Directors of MKP USA has unanimously adopted a proposal to increase access to MKP’s work for a broader population of indigenous people in the USA.

The full content of the proposal is available here.

“In the spirit of giveaway and gratitude for the ways in which MKP USA has benefited from its relationship with indigenous people and to welcome more indigenous men to NWTAs, Support Services believes it appropriate to extend a waiver of the regional portion of the NWTA participant and staffing fees to all indigenous men living within the borders of a sovereign tribal nation in the United States or the equivalent in other Regions when attending MKP USA NWTA events.”

In honor of all our relations,

José Antonio Mondelo
MKP USA Board Chairman

Chairman’s Report 2016 – Julien Devereux

December 10, 2016

MKP USA Annual Report 2016 by Julien Devereux Summary 2016 was a challenging year as we progressed along the continuum from Unification to Integration of all regions, communities, areas and societies into one cohesive but diverse global brotherhood. This process has had challenges but we are moving closer each day to evolving, integrating and sustaining […]

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How Broad is Our Embrace

November 16, 2016

I’m sitting with the outcome of the recent National Election. I supported the candidate that lost. So, I am grieving, as humans do, the loss of something that I wanted that I didn’t get. After breaking through the denial, I was angry, began to bargain about whose fault it was and what could have been […]

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MKP Stands in Solidarity with Standing Rock

October 31, 2016

MKP Stands in Solidarity with Standing Rock Supporting the Tatanka Alliance – Call to Action Let us not turn away from the profound responsibility we have taken on by committing ourselves to a mission that speaks of the world and the future of humanity. The ManKind Project USA supports the efforts of Indigenous / Native […]

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